This original painting of Robert Einbeck is in our private collection

Robert Einbeck
72 x 72 inches

Robert Einbeck (born 1944) is an artist, poet, and contemporary painter. He was guided early on by the work of Vassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. He was followed by Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. The work he created during the 1970s focused essentially on form, sign, and light, and it led to his complete oeuvre that inspired a spiritual dimension.

Seeing humanist values as the basis of any and all civilization, Robert Einbeck and his wife, Marion Einbeck, launched the project "The Einbeck's Time For Peace" in New York in 1989. This was followed by the Time For Peace Film & Music Awards in 1994, whose goal was to promote the films and music that conveyed these humanist values. 

When he returned to France after twenty years in the United States, Einbeck returned to his pictorial work, putting it in the service of others by developing an oeuvre centered primarily on serenity, beauty, and emotion. He also linked it to the new technologies of the time.

Source: Wikipedia

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